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The aim and object of the club is to foster spread of  knowledge about folk songs, music and dance and to encourage their performance by all manner of folk, in association with other local and national folk organisations as the committee see fit.


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Date last  reviewed  03 Apr 2018

Date next review: 31 Oct 2018

In October 2009, the Morley Observer ran an article on town centre development mentioning that the setting up of a folk club within the town centre area was being considered. Keith Brown, now the clubs organiser, contacted Peter Mudge the Town Centre Manager and a series of meetings was set up, to shape the clubs future and to assign actions to attendees to bring about the clubs creation. The major sticking block was the finding of a suitable venue. This had been a problem to people with aspirations to set up a folk club in Morley for the last 20 years. The Regency Ballroom on Albion Street came to the attention of the organisers in late December 2009, following a visit and discussions with the owners it was agreed that it was a viable venue. Thus Morley folk club was re-born.

By June of 2010 it was evident that the Ballroom venue was not as suitable as first thought. Climbing up two flights of stairs, although OK for some, was not even an option for others. The Ballroom has no lift or disabled access.  Many complaints have been received about this and so different accommodation was sought. The Manager of the Morley Dashers on High Street was happy to oblige having experienced the “Folk crowd” himself at The Grove in Leeds.

The club remained at The Dashers until January 2013 when, after a long period of evenings being blemished by excessive noise from the other bar and an inability to control it  we realized we needed to move. As luck would have it the United Services Club have a room that is unused on Tuesday night so we decided to take the plunge and move our night as well. As it turns out, many people are now saying that it is the best thing that ever happened to Morley Folk Club. We are well attended and getting better all the time, the concert room is warm and convivial and drinks are moderately priced. The staff are welcoming and keen to please. In short, we landed on our feet.

History of Morley Folk Club

The original Morley Folk Club met at The Albion pub on Bridge Street. Following alterations that made the venue unacceptable it moved to The Brunswick in Morley Bottoms. Following  the closure of The Brunswick the club moved to The Angel on Bruntcliffe Road.  However, after two years its doors also fell to “progress” and it became a Carvery and Travel Lodge. All of the old town centre pubs were either closed of converted to the dreaded “horse-shoe” bar, rendering them virtually useless as folk venue’s.


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